Selling Comic Books: How to Get Started

person in comic book store browsing through a box of Marvel comic books

Selling Comic Books: How to Get Started

Whether you’re cleaning out your attic or planning to cash in on a lifelong collection, selling comic books for cash can be a smart (and profitable) way to clear up space in your house. Figuring out which comic books to sell can be difficult; luckily, the process has never been easier. Continue reading to learn how to get started, especially if you are new at selling comics.

Sourcing your Comics

The first thing you need to get into the action-packed world of comic book sales is a steady supply. It is easy to source comics from almost any store that sells used books, but online communities based around the hobby are the best places to look if you want the most valuable comics.

The comic book subreddit /r/comics, comic book resources (CBR), and Comic Book Plus are three of the biggest forums on the internet centered around comic book discussions. Seeking out users from these boards is good, but posting an offer to buy comics is even better. Set a maximum for how much you’re willing to pay and avoid costly negotiations. Doing this also speeds up the acquisition process so you can continue selling comic books online without getting back orders.

Organize Your Collection

Next comes the fun part, organizing your new comic book collection. With myriad comics available, it’s easy for a new collector to end up with a chaotic mess. Theoretically, it should be seamless because each comic book is categorized by volume and issue. However, the comic book numbering system can be complicated. There are thousands of different series, some running concurrently and others separated by decades (even though they have similar titles).

Today’s dedicated comic book fanbases have anticipated this confusion, and you can readily find lists online that spell out every comic book series. Wikipedia also provides in-depth lists of comic books, but if you want the most thorough lists, you can research any comic’s chronology at places like the Comic Book Herald. Print off a list and begin sorting your collection numerically or based on the story arc. This will give you a better picture of the missing issues you need to complete your comic book collections so you can turn around and sell comic books for cash.

Pricing the Collection

An important thing to remember when pricing your comics is that the success of your sales shouldn’t be solely dependent on one particular comic book issue. You need to factor in the overhead costs of collecting and storing the comics. It is also in your best interests to keep a detailed record of what you paid for the specific comic books you’re trying to sell.

Ultimately, the price of any product depends on how much it is in demand. The same principle applies when you sell comic books for cash. Even if you spent a lot of money to acquire one comic book, it will only be as valuable as another buyer is willing to pay. However, you can increase the chance of making a profit by setting reasonable prices that are comparable to the averages you find on online listings.

Pricing an entire collection is slightly different than pricing individual comic books because it is not uncommon for people to charge extra. This extra charge compensates for the effort spent putting together a full collection of a comic book series. Buyers are often willing to invest more in completed collections rather than having to search for missing issues in incompleted series.

Finding a Buyer

Going out to find prospective buyers doesn’t have to be complicated. In a hot market like the comic book world, it is a cinch to find places to sell your valuable comics. You can utilize many of the same groups we mentioned above to try and sell comic books. However, setting up a store is necessary if you want to turn this from a side gig into a serious business.

It is easier than ever for anyone to create an online store and sell products. If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t sweat it. You can also run your store through an existing market such as eBay, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace. Once you get the hang of things and are ready to personalize your business, use website builders like Wix or Shopify to open your online comic book store. If you get enough business and want to make a real living getting cash for comic books, you could think about opening a physical comic book store somewhere.

Consider Selling in Bulk

If you don’t have enough time to sell comic books to multiple buyers, there’s a much quicker and easier way to earn money. One of the ways is by selling comics in bulk. All you have to do is select, package, and ship your comics directly to a buyer, who will pay you a flat rate for your comic book collection. There is no need to worry about which volume or issue you own; simply box them all together and send them off.

When selling comics to Cash 4 Your Books, we will need a picture and a list of the issues you are including in the box. Next, we will send you a quote, and after you accept it, you will get paid for your comics in as little as a few days. With a process this simple, there’s no excuse for you to keep all those old, dusty comics tucked away. Instead, get paid for your bulk comics and sell them to a person or a company that wants to have them.


Starting a new business is always daunting, but following the steps we provided in this guide can help you begin to sell comics online. Remember that selling comics is a real business, but don’t let it rob you of the joy of reading comics. Buying digital copies of your favorite runs is perfectly normal. Whatever you do, don’t leave a bunch of your comic books collecting dust in a box. Learn how you can start selling your comic book collection to us today.