Sell Your Used Private Book Collection Online

Book collecting is hardly a new hobby. People have been collecting rare and valuable books and manuscripts, or even just books of particular interest, for hundreds of years. That said, not everyone who has a private book collection feels the need to keep it. If you’re one of those people, selling your books online is an option worth looking into.

How to Sell Old Books

Selling old books can be as simple as finding a buyer and making the cash-for-book exchange. That’s not a great way to go about getting a fair price for your books, though. If you want the best outcome for selling your old books, you’ll need to do some research first. The value of a book is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Condition
  • The presence of a dust jacket
  • Age
  • Edition
  • Rarity
  • Previous Ownership
  • Whether or not the author signed it

Ultimately, a book is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. We’ll give you a quote! Take some high-quality pictures of your books and any relevant features and send them to us. If you decide to move forward, you can complete the transaction and take the cash in exchange for the book or book collection.

How Do I Sell Books That Are Rare, Out of Print, or Predate ISBNs?

Of course, your private book collection may contain unique books. Such books may be scarce, out of print, or predate the advent of ISBNs. The absence of an ISBN can make working out the value of a book more difficult. The ISBN system was initiated in 1967, so books published before that may not have an ISBN. It’s important to note information such as the title, author, publisher name, the date it was published, and edition. The edition can be a little tricky to identify, especially since a book labeled as the first edition may not be a first edition copy. You’ll probably have to take a close look to identify that. Once you have the relevant information, examine the book’s condition, just like you would normally. Some online research can give you an idea of your book’s worth once you have that information. It’s a good idea to contact an appraiser if you intend to sell your books online so you can get more reliable information rather than personal speculation.

Online Book Selling: Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my books worth?

Individuals with old books in their possession often wonder how to ascertain the value of such material. The value of a book is affected by a variety of factors, including the intrinsic importance of the work, its scarcity, and collectors’ interest in it. In general, the books most sought after are the great works in the humanities and the sciences, usually in the first editions. Unfortunately, there is no single reference work or “price guide” which can be relied upon to provide the current values of antiquarian books or book value, nor is there any simple way to explain in a few words how such values are determined.

The value of a particular copy of any given book will be further affected by many other factors: its condition, its binding, its provenance, and the significance of any inscriptions it may contain. The evaluation of manuscript material, including letters and signatures of well-known people, involves still other considerations.

Send an email now with a few photos and we can assist in determining cash value for your personal book collection. Don’t delay and contact us right away!

Should I Sell My Books?

Yes! If you don’t intend to keep your used private book collection, let us take it off your hands and get you CASH!

How Do I Get My Books To You?

We’ll come to pick it up! If we decide to purchase your collection, we’ll come to collect it from you

What Kind Of Books Can I Sell?

We prefer extensive collections of 200+ books. However, we will sometimes purchase smaller collections or individual titles if they are sufficiently valuable.

What Condition Do My Books Need To Be In?

Books in better condition will sell better, but normal wear and tear will not disqualify a book entirely.

When Do I Get Paid?

We prefer extensive collections of 200+ books. However, we will sometimes purchase smaller collections or individual titles if they are sufficiently valuable.

Do you buy or offer appraisals for collectible books?

We will send you the payment as soon as we arrive to pick up your book.

How Do I Get Paid?

After a price is agreed upon, we immediately pay for books. We typically pay for books using one of the following:

  • Wire Transfer to your bank
  • Zelle transfer
  • PayPal

All books are paid for before they leave your possession.

Do You Buy Collectible Books Or Offer Appraisals?

We can make you an offer for your collection, but that is different from an appraisal.

Do You Buy Ex-library Books?

Yes! Suppose the condition is good and the collection is sufficiently valuable. In that case, we’re happy to take books from public, private, or academic libraries.

Selling a private book collection can be quite a process. There’s a lot that goes into determining the value of a book. Depending on how old the book is, its rarity, and its condition, it may be more challenging to assess its value. The same can be said for the collection as a whole. If you’re unsure, contact an appraiser to get a feel for what your collection might be worth. Having all the information in front of you can help you decide to sell your books online.

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