Sell Your Comic Books

We Buy Entire Comic Book Collections For Cash

With our 25 years of comic book buying experience, we have seen it all!  Cash4YourBooks makes it quick and easy to turn you comic books into cash! Call us today to start this process.

What we are looking for

We normally try to concentrate on large collections of 100 pieces or more from the Platinum, Golden, Silver & Bronze Age (1900s through to 1980), however we will discuss smaller collections if there are issues of more significant value.

Sell Your Comic Book Collection

What we are looking for

  1. Any photographs and lists of your collection
  2. We will provide a quote based upon the information you provide
  3. We pick up and pay you for your collection!

Sell Your Comic Book Collection

Sell Your Comic Books

Remember when you were a kid, and you bought your first comic book? The pure joy of taking it home with you. The smell of the new, untouched paper and seeing your favorite characters on the front.

Now, comic book characters are on the big screen. You can watch any of your favorite comic book characters from Marvel to DC on TV. Comic books have faded out from mostly everybody’s memories. But you could not be more wrong!

If you still have old comic books from when you were a kid, it is time to unpack them and blow the dust off. It is the age of collectibles, and you might be sitting on a pile of gold. Right now, old and rare comic books are selling like hotcakes.

Selling comic books is more challenging than it seems. You could go on eBay or Facebook marketplace and create a posting for your comic books, and someone will bid for them within minutes. That is not the case, unfortunately.

How to Sell Comics Online

The first step in selling your comic books is assessing your inventory. How many do you have, and are they valuable or not? Only some comic books are worth thousands of dollars. Once you have identified the valuable comic books in your collection, you can find a forum for sale online.

One of the best places to sell your comic books online is Cash For Your Books. We take individual personal collections and offer the highest possible cash price. For owners of extensive collections who want to avoid going through each comic book to discover their value by themselves, Cash For Your Books can expedite the process and offer you a generous fee for the entire collection.

Comic Book Collections: Frequently Asked Questions


Again, no. But a general list of the titles , years and issue numbers can suffice.

No, but as many photos as possible of your collection will help.

Payment depends on the quality, significance and quantity of your collection.

We can be most anywhere in the U.S. within a few days but our response time is determined based upon the most detail YOU can provide regarding your collection.

We are most interested in large collections (500+ titles) or collections containing rare or valuable books. These could be antique books, first editions of popular titles, or special editions. If you think your collection could be valuable, contact us today for a free appraisal. We are currently actively seeking non-fiction titles in various subject areas, including professional titles and collections.

Multiple factors determine the value of a given comic book:

  • Desirability and Demand
  • The time period it came out
  • The condition it’s in.

Get a Quote For Your Comic Book Collection

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