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With our 25 years of comic book buying experience, we have seen it all!  Cash4YourBooks makes it quick and easy to turn you comic books into cash! Call us today to start this process.

What we are looking for

We normally try to concentrate on large collections of 100 pieces or more from the Platinum, Golden, Silver & Bronze Age (1900s through to 1980), however we will discuss smaller collections if there are issues of more significant value.

Sell Your Comic Book Collection

What we are looking for

  1. Any photographs and lists of your collection
  2. We will provide a quote based upon the information you provide
  3. We pick up and pay you for your collection!

Sell Your Comic Book Collection

Comic Book Collections: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need photos of EVERYTHING?

No, but as many photos as possible of your collection will help.

Do you need a COMPLETE list of my collection?

Again, no. But a general list of the titles , years and issue numbers can suffice.

How much will you PAY?

Payment depends on the quality, significance and quantity of your collection.

How QUICKLY can you be here to PAY for my collection?

We can be most anywhere in the U.S. within a few days but our response time is determined based upon the most detail YOU can provide regarding your collection.

Do you buy GRADED (CGC,CBCS,PGX, etc.) Issues?


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