Turn Your Book Collection Into Cash

We Buy Entire Book Collections For Cash

With our 25 years of book buying experience, we have seen it all!  From 100,000 books in a climate controlled building on a desolate ranch, to 10,000 rare books wrapped in plastic stored in a basement, nothing surprises us.  You can count on us for an honest appraisal, immediate payment and fast removal of books.  Call us today to start this process.

We Buy Private Book Collections

CASH4YOURBOOKS will purchase collections of 500 books or more. We specialize in the purchasing of personal academic collections from professionals of all disciplines. We are interested predominantly in non-fiction, academic and antiquarian titles but will evaluate books of all sorts. We offer on-site appraisals when and wherever needed although we can sometimes furnish an offer via email or telephone if the collection can be accurately represented with a list of titles or pictures.
Sell Your Personal Book Collection

We Will Buy Your Estate Book Collection

Book collections are a labor of love for the passionate collector. We are always seeking focused collections accumulated by the passionate bibliophile. From 1,000 books to 1 million books, call us for a fair offer.
Sell Your Estate Book Collection

Looking to Sell Your Public Library Book Collections

In a world of constrained library budgets, the best option for your donated and discarded books is CASH up front. There is no need to wait for your books to sell on consignment, they have value now and CASH4YOURBOOKS offers top dollar for them at the industry’s most competitive prices.

We offer quality and expedient service, handling and arranging all packing and shipping on site. Once the books are evaluated, you get paid, no more waiting around.
Sell Your Public Library Book Collection

Sell Us Your Academic Library Book Collection

We are always interested in working with academic libraries. If you’re weeding the collection, we are interested in those books. Those gift books and donated items also have value. Don’t turn down those offers of gift books! They have value. We also offer a pickup service for gift books. For example, we work with many academic libraries who get offers of donated books. Many times they don’t have the staffing to accommodate that donation. We will pack up those books on site, anywhere in the United States, ship them to our warehouse. After evaluation, you receive payment for them.
Sell Your Academic Library Book Collection

Book Collections: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sell my books?

Absolutely! We buy all kinds of books. We specialize in buying entire collections from private sellers as well as from libraries and stores. Our preference is for larger collections, especially those containing 500 books or more. That is a lot of books, which means a lot of money for you if you sell us your large collection today.

How do I get my books to you?

Just contact us via email at [email protected]. We are happy to come to your house or wherever you have your collection and pick them up for you. Our teams are professional experts at book retrieval. We offer onsite packing and loading services for large collections. All you have to worry about is getting your collection in order. We will do the heavy lifting!

What kind of books can I sell?

We take books from private book collections, estate book collections, library book collections, and academic book collections. We buy books that cover as many topics as you can think of, and we buy books that are old as well as relatively new.

What condition do my books need to be in?

A good rule of thumb is that the better condition a book is in, the higher price it will fetch. Books without water damage, overly dog-eared pages, or pages filled to the brim with handwritten notes sell better and have a higher value. We will accept books with some blemishes, but it is always best to sell a clean and pristine volume.

Is there a minimum requirement for each bid I submit?

We typically purchase collections of 500 books or more. Usually, we handle large-volume sales from single or multiple collections, but we may make an exception for smaller but highly valuable collections or individual titles.

Do you buy collectible books or offer appraisals?

We are always happy to buy collectible books. We also buy old or antique books. We do not offer appraisals, however. Unsure of how much your book costs? We suggest searching online to get a general idea of the value of your book.

Do you buy ex-library books?

Yes, we do! We are happy to buy ex-library books so long as they are in acceptable condition.