How to Get Rid of Old Books When You’re Ready to Clean Out Your Shelves

How to Get Rid of Old Books When You’re Ready to Clean Out Your Shelves

The term ‘book hoarder’ is around for a reason—it’s no easy feat, making room on your shelves if you’re a book lover. When you’re ready for a book purge and simply don’t want to throw out a good used book, the question may arise: where can I donate books? Out with the old, in with the new!

Donate Your Books for CASH!

You’d be surprised at how many places there are that not only will take your books but will also offer you compensation after you donate used books. The amount is determined by the book, its edition, and its current state of wear and tear. The more books you have, the more chance of payment! For people with a large collection of books (500 titles or more), we will come and pick them up from you, handing you cash on our way out after your generous book donation.

Donate Your Books and Get a Tax Break

Did you know that donating books can actually be listed under your charitable donations when itemizing your tax deductions? One of the best places to donate books is your nearest local library, but you can also easily find other charitable organizations and thrift stores that will take your books. The important thing is to keep your receipts after donating and to estimate each book’s value before or after making your book donation to get the most out of itemizing your deduction later.

Trade in Your Books for Other Books

If you want to fill up your shelf just as quickly as you empty it, another great way to get value from your used books is to use sites that help users swap books. Paperback Swap, for instance, allows you to list your used books and receive a credit each time someone requests one of your used books, which you can then spend on a book another user on the site is willing to give away! Not only will you be donating your books to fellow readers you know will appreciate them, but you’ll be saving money and the planet by getting an already-used book in return!

There’s a lot to say for having a large library, but when a book is just taking up space and gathering dust on your shelf, you’ll be better off donating it—especially if you’re smart about doing so! Make sure to make the most of any book donations you make, and compare what one seller will offer you to what another does so that you come away with a little extra cash. After all, the whole point of clearing that shelf space is to make room for new books!