How to Get Paid for Recycling (Bottles, Books, and Clothing)

How to Get Paid for Recycling (Bottles, Books, and Clothing)

When you are struggling to make ends meet, every little bit helps.

With recycling, you can earn extra money and help make the world a better place.

There are plenty of options for you to make some extra money while keeping the things you are done with out of the landfill. Depending on what you are recycling, the process is different, but with a plan in mind, you can make the most out of your recycling ventures.

Recycling Old Books

Whether you have a large library of books or simply prefer to read books only once, used book donations can be a great way to declutter your home and make a little extra cash.

The first step is figuring out where to donate used books. When trying to find where you can donate books, look for local used bookstores that pay for donations or even online book donations options.

Some places to donate books will offer cash for any books they accept. Clean copies of books that lack rips, tears, or markings are typically preferred.

If you have old books or early editions, you may be able to get even more cash from collectors and specialty book shops.

Thrift shops are a good way to source books for recycling. These stores will often sell donated books for pennies on the dollar. If you look carefully, you can find popular titles that will earn you money when you resell them.

When you’re finding places to donate books, check out reviews online beforehand. Checking out book donation reviews can help you find the best home for your books and make the most money off your donations. You can also research whether the buyer will pick up donated books (we do, by the way). If there’s no option to pick up the donated, you’ll have to locate the book donation drop off.

Try donating books for an easy way to earn a little extra cash while making your home a little less cluttered.

Recycling Glass, Plastic, and Aluminum

In California, there are significant monetary benefits to recycling almost any glass, plastic, or aluminum products.

Most beverage containers are subject to recycling refunds. The few exceptions include milk bottles and alcohol containers, which are generally not subject to the California Refund Value (CRV).

Payment is around five cents a container for most normal-sized bottles and cans, but ten cents for containers of over 24 ounces. With a high volume of recyclables, these small payments can add up!

Don’t just collect your own bottles and cans! Offer to recycle for friends, family, and neighbors. That will give you a chance to collect even more recyclable items, make money, and provide a service for people in your community.

Recycling items must be taken to a recycling center to receive the CRV. Any items that are recycled in public or personal recycling bins will not result in a CRV payment.

You can quickly identify recyclable materials with refunds available by looking for the following symbols: CA CASH REFUND, CA CRV, California Redemption Value, CA Redemption value, or California Cash Refund. These items can be taken to any recycling center.

Recycling centers are not run by the state, so their hours of operation may vary. Check their hours before making the trip.

Selling Clothes at a Consignment Store

Clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit you or your children can be a great source of occasional income. By selling your old clothes at consignment stores, you can empty your closet of clutter and make a little money.

Consignment stores will generally look through any items you bring for damage and wear. Bringing clothes that are still in good condition and on-trend will increase the likelihood of receiving a fair price.

Sometimes clothing that isn’t a good fit for one shop may be perfect for another. Don’t be afraid to take rejected items to another shop for another opportunity.

If you are willing to spend a little more time, you can often find great deals on trendy clothing at thrift shops that you can resale at a consignment store to make a profit. This method requires time and effort as you will need to find lightly used items that are appealing to consignments shops, but it can pay off if you put in the time.

Selling Old Technology Online

Old tech items may seem useless to you, but there is often demand online for out-of-date technology. From old game systems to TVs, phones, and computers, online enthusiasts are very interested in the technology most people consider obsolete.

When finding the right place to sell your electronics online, it can help do a little research upfront.

Online auction sites can be a great place to start, especially as the bidding factor can bring up prices and help you maximize value. Do some research first to ensure that you choose a reasonable price on your items that will draw in bidders while also giving you the profit you need. Consider shipping costs and choose a shipping amount that will cover the costs of shipping the item. In some cases, it may be better to arrange for pickup, especially with heavy items, so you don’t miss out on profit because of high shipping costs.

Making extra money doesn’t have to be a massive time investment. By recycling things you no longer need, you can make extra cash, improve the environment, and give your old items a new lease on life. Whether donating and selling books, clothes, or technology or taking single-use plastics to a nearby recycling center, you can make easy habits that will keep a little extra income in your pocket each month.