Giving Back: How to Sell Your Books & Donate Money to Help a Charity

Giving Back: How to Sell Your Books & Donate Money to Help a Charity

If you own a large, private book collection—whether it was inherited or built over time—and you are wondering how to give back to your community, then keep reading. Your large collection can not only benefit you and your loved ones, but it can also help others. Here are five ways that your beloved book collection can serve others for generations to come.

Donate the Books for Cash and Donate the Proceeds

Do you ever wonder where you can donate books? If so, you’ll be happy to discover that there are many book donation locations and options. You can sell or donate your books for profit and then donate the proceedings to your favorite charity. This is a great option for those who want to support a charity that needs monetary donations but not books, such as an animal shelter or food bank. Fortunately, there are many places online and in-person where you can sell used books.

Donate Books to a Public Library

If you would rather donate the used book collection rather than the proceeds from selling it, a public library is one of the best ways to go. Most libraries depend on the altruistic motives of others to provide books and supplies to the local community; no matter what library you choose, they will be extremely grateful for whatever you can donate. If you want to go the extra mile, choose a library within a more impoverished community, as they may be struggling more than other libraries to provide for local needs.

Donate Books to a Prison Library

Many people don’t even think about the status of those within the prison system. Nevertheless, many of these people need help. Providing books to those within a prison can be extremely beneficial in their journey to rehabilitation. Prisons are always looking for charitable donors who are willing to give prisoners a second chance via the power of education and knowledge. Many prisons also have church organizations or schools that could use more textbooks or religious books if you have some in your collection.

Donate Books to The Salvation Army

You have probably heard of The Salvation Army before but, if not, it is an evangelical ministry whose goal is to help take care of those in need. They have many thrift shops and donation centers all across the United States. At some locations, you may be able to drop off the used books; nevertheless, you may have to call ahead. Some areas offer a scheduled free pick-up at your home. And the cherry on top is that your book donation can be tax-deductible!

Donate Books to Goodwill

Goodwill is another excellent place to donate used books. When you donate to Goodwill, you not only supply inexpensive, valuable products to people in need, but you also support an organization that employs those who struggle to find employment due to disability or a criminal record. Donating to Goodwill is a wonderful way to give back to your community.

It may be hard to let your book collection go. Nevertheless, donating your book collection can be one of the most impactful ways in which you can improve lives and your community. Giving used books to those in need offers them the empowerment of knowledge as well as the fantastical wonders of reading. So, if you are looking to donate books, be sure to research what donation opportunities there are in your community.