5 Things You Never Knew About Selling Used Books

Selling Used Books Online

5 Things You Never Knew About Selling Used Books

Selling used books is a great way to make some extra money. As you get started, you should take some time to understand the ins and outs of selling used books online. We hope this article will help you find more success as you do so.

Money is Made on the Buy

Many people will buy books with the intention of selling them. To start off, you should look for good deals that will allow you to get valuable books for a low price. Thrift stores and other secondhand stores are great places to get books for very little money. However, if you buy books this way, don’t just buy every cheap book you get your hands on. Only buy books that you know you can profit from.

Quantity is the Key to Maximizing Value

To make the most money when you sell books online, you should focus on quantity. While you might be able to find some individually valuable books, you will truly maximize your value if you sell a large number of books at once. Often, it can be helpful to sell a large collection of used books. Even if not all of the books are worth much individually, they can bring in a larger price when sold altogether. It may be in your best interest to collect books over time and sell them all at once rather than selling a few at a time.

The Best Types of Books to Sell

One of the first things you should master is what types of books you should be selling. To make money, you need to be selling books that are worth it. First editions are often a good place to start. This is especially true if you can find first editions of antique books. These can bring in a large profit. In fact, antique books overall can be quite valuable. You can also sell first editions of modern books, including books published 30-40 years ago. These can gain value either because they are books by someone’s favorite author or because your buyer may anticipate the books will someday become collectibles. Lastly, you can also consider selling textbooks. College students are always looking for cheap, used textbooks, but they’re not the only buyers out there. You can find and sell textbooks via many online portals.

Condition is King

The condition of a book largely determines its value. When collecting books or buying them with the intent to sell, you should make sure you prioritize the care of your books. Store your books in a cool, dry place to avoid mold, mildew, and other types of damage. Also, try not to leave books in the sunlight, as direct exposure to light can cause them to fade. Books should be stored upright and packed tightly in boxes so they don’t rub against each other or shift. When it comes time to sell your books, make sure you are honest about the condition of the books. If you are torn between two levels, label them as the worse condition, so people don’t think you’re trying to swindle them or overcharge for your books. Plus, if they end up getting a better deal than they expected, they will often come back for more.

Shipping Costs Can Make or Break Your Margins

When you sell your used books online, keep in mind the shipping costs. Be on the lookout for fair shipping costs. You don’t want to pay more than you have to when you ship books. One way to work around this is to charge the shipping costs to your buyer. Again, you want to be careful here. If the shipping charges are too high, this can lead to a dissatisfied buyer.

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