Sell or Donate Old Books

At Cash For Your Books, you can donate old books or even sell old books for cash. Contact us, and we can get you a quote as soon as possible. Many people have sold and donated old books to us and said that it did not just help them unclutter their homes but also got some good money out of it.

What Kinds of Books Do We Buy?

Here at Cash For Your Books, we purchase collections that include 500 books or more. We evaluate all sorts of antique book collections, from music to Comic book collections.

How it Works

Here is how our process works.

  1. Take a clear photograph of your collection, then send it to us.
  2. We will get you a quote for the collection
  3. We will pick it up ourselves.
  4. Then finally, you get your payment.

All you have to do is send us a photo, and we will do the rest!

Sell Old Music Books

Old Music books are dedicated to many different areas and can still be helpful in various professional tracks in colleges. For instance, one can find manuals on subjects like music theory and the history of music to the art of music appreciation.

So if you have already learned everything that you need from your old music books, you can boldly sell all the used ones to us.

Sell Old Library Works

Old library works can be a valuable source of income for libraries. By selling old library works, you can free up space and make money to reinvest in your current collection.

Libraries will love getting these collections to add to their library.

Sell Estate Book Collections

We offer a variety of options for you to sell your estate book collections.

Whether you have a few rare books or an entire estate library full of them, we will gladly assist you! We can efficiently determine a value for the whole collection. We work with Estate Companies often and appreciate rare and professional collections.

Sell Comic Book Collections

The old comic book collection from your youth or that Uncle Jeffrey left you in his estate may be worth just pennies per book, but it might also be a little goldmine!

You probably won’t know exactly how much your collection is worth, but we can help you determine the fair and right price.

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