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CASH4YOURBOOKS is a fast and easy way to turn old books into CASH. Whether you are cleaning out the garage or repurposing your library, we offer an expedient means to putting your books cash value back into your pocket.

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Do you have a large collection of books you’d like to turn into cash? You’re in luck! Cash For Your Books will buy your private book collection, estate book collection, or library book collection, making us the best place to sell books online!

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  1. Photograph your collection
  2. Get a quote
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  4. You get paid!

Books We Want

Cash For Your Books is the best place to sell large collections of books online. We’re primarily interested in large collections of 200 books or more, but will consider smaller collections if it contains unusually valuable books.

Estates and Personal Collections

Estates and Personal Collections

CASH4YOURBOOKS will purchase collections of 500 books or more. We specialize in the purchasing of personal academic collections from professionals of all disciplines. We are interested predominantly in non-fiction, academic and antiquarian titles but will evaluate books of all sorts. We offer on-site appraisals when and wherever needed, although we can sometimes furnish an offer via email or telephone if the collection can be accurately represented with a list of titles or pictures.

Libraries- Public and Academic

Libraries- Public and Academic

In a world of constrained library budgets, the best option for your donated and discarded books is CASH up front. There is no need to wait for your books to sell on consignment, they have value now and CASH4YOURBOOKS offers top dollar for them at the industry’s most competitive prices. We offer quality and expedient service, handling and arranging all packing and shipping on site. Once the books are evaluated, you get paid, no more waiting around.

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