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Examples of Books We Do Buy

Most books printed prior to 1800. We purchase most early printed material, and this is our primary focus. Based upon the volume of submissions and emails we receive, about 95% of books that are submitted which are printed after 1800 are not of sufficient value. However, about 85% of books printed prior to 1800 are of sufficient value.

Some books published between 1800 and 1900 except for those matching the descriptions above. While most books from this period are not of high value, a good portion of them can be. For example, exploration books from this period are usually valuable whereas most of the fiction and text books are very common and generally worth very little.

Books printed after 1900 are usually not of sufficient value, but some examples of modern printed books that we may buy are: Illustrated childrens books (early 1900s), Limited or Private editions, Art books, 1st Edition/ 1st Printings of popular titles of well known authors such as Hemingway, Faulkner, or Tolkein.

Philosophy Graphic Novels Role Playing & Manga
Classics Religion (most) Films & TV on DVD
Plays Psychology Local History
Poetry Cookbooks Music (Sheet, genre, bio, etc)
Mysteries U.S. & World History Toxic Lit
Science Fiction/Fantasy Art, Photography, & Film Foreign Language
Horror Sciences (most) & Nature Business & Economics
Romance Architecture & Interior Design Crafts & Antiques
Westerns Travel Humor
YA & Juvenile Fiction Gender Studies  

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